Recipes and Food

I enjoy trying new recipes. I especially love finding recipes that I know I will make over and over again. This is not a corona virus whim. This is something I have enjoyed for years. Why not put them here?! These are not my recipes. Credit will be given to the source. Some of the recipe will be simple, others will be just a bit more than simple. Yes, anyone can knead pasta for 10 minutes. Try it!

Fresh pasta

Bolognese on fresh pasta

I found this website on a whim. Helen Rennie talks about “Five Rookie Mistakes”. These ideas have improved my pasta making 10 fold. I use all purpose flour because that is what I have. I do weigh my eggs but I use whole eggs instead of a bunch of yolks, then top up with water. The pasta is so incredibly smooth and buttery, and rolls easily through the pasta machine.


If you like a wonderfully flavourful sauce for any pasta, Helen Rennie has a recipe for a wonderful ragu bolognese sauce (see photo, left). This is now a go-to in my repertoire! Be prepared, you must bake it in the oven for a few hours. But it is worth every second! Her recipe makes a large batch. Yes, you will want a lot. You can freeze the leftovers. Just make sure to label the containers.



I was looking through my partner’s cookbook, The Best Ever Indian Cookbook, and found a very easy recipe for chapatis. I found a similar recipe (and ingredients) on the Piping Pot Curry website. The keys are to buy chapati flour from the Indian store, knead for 7-10 minutes (set a timer and don’t stop) and let the dough rest. This is a buttery dough that rolls easily (no flour needed if you have a cool work surface).